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February 11 2020 - February 12 2020
Venue: Arizona State University

The world is 2030. The attack plain has widened. Weapons of mass destruction have evolved in the cyber age.

September 10 2019 - September 11 2019
Venue: Arizona State University

Over the next decade, weaponized and adversarial narratives will be designed to sow chaos and polarization across targeted populations and at the individual level, exploiting historical divisions b

May 07 2019 - May 08 2019
Venue: Arizona State University

Unrelenting high-speed global information attacks that fragment adversary populations into antagonistic tribal factions share many characteristics with information security operations: reach, distr

September 06 2017 - September 07 2017
Venue: George Washington University

With 80 participants from diverse organizations, we created 35 unique futures while exploring complex issues including the evolution of complex automated systems, a highly susceptible agriculture s

May 01 2017 - May 02 2017
Venue: Arizona State University

In May of 2017 the Threatcasting Lab at Arizona State University and the Army Cyber Institute conducted Threatcasting West workshop.

August 16 2016
Venue: United States Military Academy
In August 2016, the Army Cyber Institute hosted a threatcasting workshop at West Point. Twenty five individuals from a variety of sectors came together for two days in order to investigate and explore a variety of possible threats to America cyber security. It was an interdisciplinary and collaborative session to envision future cyber threats ten years in the future, 2026.