Cisco Two Days After Tuesday

Cisco Two Days After Tuesday

Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs is built on the notion that we must first imagine, and then create, the future together.

We know that we can no longer innovation in isolation.

Our Living Labs bring together giants of industry to explore the white space of emerging technologies. By collaborating with our customers in a two-day lab focused on ideation, prototyping, and end-user feedback, we develop bold solutions to disrupt a marketplace.

CHILL conducts research to identify innovation battlefields, laying the foundation for opportunities areas tackled during the lab. We the explore the dark side of inaction as well as the upside of solving tough challenges. How will new technologies like blockchain, machine learning, and IOT could secure vital supply chain infrastructures? The potential opportunities within Securing the Digitized Supply Chain are too hard to ignore.

For this lab, senior executives from Citibank, Cisco, D.B. Schenker, General Electric, and Intel will iterate through 12 cycles of end-user feedback and increasingly hardened prototypes. Together we build concepts ready to launch.

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